Repairing Cufflinks

Cufflinks are fun to wear. They add dazzle to a pretty boring sleeve or suit almost like magic. And since they’re usually small that come with many different, not to mention inexpensive, designs, they also make great gift ideas and collectible items. But just like other accessories, cufflinks are not damage-proof. Sometimes, no matter how much care you handle it with, your cufflinks will wear off one way or another – either something will fall off or be broken or missing.

Of course, when this unfortunate thing happens, you have a choice of either buying a new pair or repair it yourself. Now if you broke your everyday casual-style cufflinks, you can buy a new one instead to save you much trouble. Novelty and casual cufflinks are inexpensive anyway. But if you’re wearing a prized cufflink – either of rare design, that holds sentimental value, a vintage one, or a collector’s item material, you would not be too quick to replace it. You will try to salvage it, either repair it yourself or have it repaired.

Some cufflink stores provide warranty for their cufflinks and will replace or repair your broken cufflinks free of charge. If that is the case, you’re in luck. Broken cufflinks under warrantee will save you lots of trouble (time and money) than repairing them on your own.

If that is not the case, your best option is to take your accessory to a jeweler instead.

Here’s a short analysis. If you opt to do it yourself and you know that this is not your specialty, you get to save on money on repair, but there’s also the risk of possibly aggravating the damage. If you have it repaired professionally, you spend extra but at least you can expect quality.

People normally take their broken jewelry to professional jewelers for repair and restoration. Cufflinks, just like most jewelry, are small, with sometimes intricate patterns and design, which altogether makes it harder to fix.

When repairing cufflinks, take note of the exact damage and the specific part you’re trying to fix. Of course, also consider what type of cufflink you are repairing. Cufflinks may come in different base material s – usually as metal, wood, or silk.

For missing or broken pieces of cufflinks

Since cufflinks are small, it is very possible to chip off some piece of it or bend some part out of place. For metal based cufflinks, you either glue your pieces together or solder them (the metal ones).

You will by now know that repairing cufflinks is not like your ordinary art class. For example, you have to use a special metal glues such as metal epoxies, when gluing metal and other cufflink pieces. Ordinary glues will simply not hold on.

Same is applicable if you have a broken gemstone. Carefully take all pieces out and get a replacement; fortunately gemstones are not hard to find. Get the right kind (or perhaps a new one) and the right size, then glue it properly to your cufflinks.

If and when gluing your metal is not the most appropriate, you can also try soldering (for the metal parts only). Soldering melts the metals first and they’re bounded together after it cools down. Again note that cufflinks are small and so are its pieces, which makes it hard it keep in place.

Still, if you’re inexperience, you’re best option would be to have your cufflinks repaired instead.

A Glimpse of Jewelry That Will Glitz Life This Festive and Holiday Season

Jewelry design ideas may be elegant and simple such that keeping to minimal appears chic. The jewelry designs present a distinct style than merely hanging as a pendant or a charm. Now being a Christmas gift and holiday season, the jewelry iconic pieces can be unique gifts than gifting a watch or some engraved pendant. Regardless of whether one loves hair jewels or stacked rings, there are some best baubles, stones and beads that will certainly glitz life this Christmas.

Birthstone Jewelry

These are special and personalized jewelry as everyone’s birthstone is different. Gifting birthstone jewelry offers more meaning especially in the festive and holiday seasons. There are endless choices and this includes right from bracelets to rings, necklaces to earrings. If you can afford and it is a very special person, you can gift this in combination.

Bar Necklaces

This is a style that is latest and raging that it will be soon seen everywhere. This can be worn alone or also in association with shorter and longer necklaces or even with your layered style of necklaces or chains. A bar necklace gifted to your loved one is sure to ensure the festival is very special. This trendy jewelry piece can be personalized and if you personalize, it becomes absolutely perfect. It can be engraved also with meaningful phrases, initial or their pet names.

Y Necklaces

Y necklaces certainly are fashion statements but in a subtle style. These necklaces highlight the feminine look and make a lovable gift as it adds elegance to any stylish woman. The added advantage is that it can be worn with other layered necklaces or alone, however it will show its presence and mark its place.

Cocktail Rings

These are definitely a sophisticated addition offering a cool bling to your look. It suits all the outfits and the cocktail rings now are available in different metals, styles and looks. They have been for years, but now young women can wear it even with their most comfortable jeans and t-shirt and also their other fancy dresses. You will not go wrong on wearing it any of these outfits.

Layering Necklaces

The layering styles in earrings, hand rings to necklaces are going really strong. It is fun to wear one and create different looks. The layering necklace can be one or several chains, the choice is entirely yours. It is sure to complement your looks and style.

Braid and beard cuffs

Cuffs are adapted into hair accessories and have received a strong following. The braid cuffs are also around for decades. It offers a variation expressing a sophisticated style in eccentric ways. These jewelry pieces cater to anyone and you can appear outstanding even in a crowd.

Cuffs are worn in different ways making it diverse jewelry pieces. Right from ear to arm cuffs, it is observed that even celebrities love wearing it even on the red carpet. This is a simple sleek piece of jewelry that highlights the entire ensemble pop. Even if the cuffs are chunky they make statement pieces.

How to Find Your Missing Cufflink Pair

You can’t help it. You were just wearing it and now it’s gone. What happened? Did somebody take it? How could anyone take it? Did you lose it?

Maybe you did and these events can’t be helped especially with cufflinks. They are minute pieces of jewelry that are commonly found on the cuffs. But what do you do with a single cufflinks? You can’t wear it unmatched.

Don’t fret. I listed here a couple of ways to find your matching pair. Hope this helps!

1. Online Auction. There are a lot of auction sites that are available on the web that sells everything from broken teeth to gold shovels. You can give it a shot to find your missing cufflinks.

2. Forums. Topics for online forums are also varied. Join one that discusses cufflinks or post a question on where you can find your missing pair.

3. Create a Blog. Blogs can also greatly aid you with finding your missing cufflinks. Focus your topic on single cufflinks exchange to draw collectors on your site.

4. Get advice from the experts. Cufflinks experts can give you enough information on where you can start your search. Learning more about your single piece can significantly aid you with hints and clues as to the whereabouts of the other pair. Speaking with experts is also a great opportunity to exchange ideas with cufflinks enthusiasts as yourself.

5. Utilize search engines. If you are searching online, it is best to use search engines. It is perhaps the most straightforward way of conducting your investigation. Google and Dogpile can assure massive return even with simple keywords.

6. Weekend Garage sales. Full-time collectors scout for the rarest items at garage sales. If you’re lucky, you can spot some good pairs yourself. One person’s trash is another’s treasure.

7. Antique shops. Scout for antique stores if you don’t have one in your area. This is ideal for those whose pieces are considered heirlooms and have been handed down from previous generations. As the owner if he or she knows anyone with a collection to sell.

8. Attend Cufflink-ers Parties and Events. These are rare groups but if you do have one in your area, join them. More often than not, cufflinks are exchanged during get-togethers. If such groups are non-existent in your area, start one yourself.

9. Contact Online Cufflinks Merchants. There’s nothing with trying so don’t be shy. There can be a possibility that they are also looking for cufflinks like yours. You can have it exchanged for a better pair.

10. Advertise on Magazines and Newspapers. While this may hurt your pocket a little, you’ll never know who would come along. Newspapers and magazines are widely read by anyone anywhere so you’ll get more chances of being heard.

These are just some ways to help you find your missing link. You don’t have to exhaust every tip mentioned. Just choose a couple that suits your groove.

Cufflinks are works of art, not just jewelry pieces. I’d take measures to find my matching single. How far can you go?