Priceless Gift Ideas For a Birthday

A priceless gift idea is something whose value cannot be measured in monetary terms. So, in other words it is irreplaceable and precious. If it is the birthday of someone you love and cherish, then that person deserves a invaluable present on this very momentous occasion. Some really interesting options which can be termed as a priceless gift idea are as follows:

Personalised Birthday Gift Ideas

Any gifts value lies more in its emotional value than its material cost. Price tag need not matter every time and this is especially true in case of gifts. So, personalised birthday gifts are priceless in their sentimental quotient.

Anything which has a personal touch or imprint is a personalised gift idea.

Photo frames, photo tiles or mirrors, photo canvases, photo mugs

Engraved gifts like bracelets, pendants, key chains

Monogrammed gifts or birthday gifts with initials of a/many names, monogrammed leather articles and apparels

Expensive Birthday Gift Ideas

A gift can also be considered in terms of the money or currency spent. There is a sizable number of people among us who seem to measure gifts in terms of their monetary value. For such people, a priceless present is something that is expensive. Some pricey gifts (in no particular order) are:

Jewelry of Precious Metals like Gold, Platinum, Diamond or of Semi Precious stones

Collectible Accessories like watches, cuff links, brooches, caps and hats etc.

Designer Gifts which may include any gifts that have been made to order

Branded birthday gift ideas, the brand value is the reason behind the high price of these options

Birthday Gift Idea of a Holiday

If you are making travel plans for someone, then be assured that its value may be much more than you realise. This kind of birthday shopping is priceless in many ways than one. It is a way of creating memories that are treasured by the recipient for a longer period of time. It may also turn out to be much more expensive in terms of the cost involved than any tangible present.

Self Made or Handmade Birthday Gifts

If the investment in your gift is not of money but also of time, effort and is backed by selfless love and bound by cherished emotions, then its price is unmatched.

Collages, scrapbooks and diaries

Self made decorative pieces, and craft ideas

Delicious recipes like cakes, cookies, chocolates or the meal itself

Any art work like paintings, poems or music compilations

A gift basket of collectibles

Indian Hand Carved Artifacts – An Exotic 5th Wedding Anniversary Wooden Gift

In ancient times, trees symbolized strength and wisdom. By the 5th year of marriage, the couple would have developed a strong deep rooted bond like a venerable oak tree and is gaining insight and understanding from the mistakes and failings of the initial five years. By now the pair would have learned the most important lesson and secret to a successful marriage is forgiveness.

Celebrating the first five years of marriage is a huge milestone. And like all wedding anniversaries, the 5th anniversary gifts has a specific material out of which they are made, that is Wood. The tradition of gifting wooden artifacts for the fifth wedding anniversary comes from practices dating from Roman times, when oak pieces were given to represent strength, stability, and longevity, all necessary for a successful marriage. These days various other types of wood like sheesham are given for fifth year anniversary gifts, yet the message nonetheless remains the same, that is, the marriage is all about planting roots and settling into a durable and long-lived union.

Wood might be less conventional gift material than it was during the Roman times, but there are still plenty of ways to give the traditional wooden gift on the 5th wedding anniversary. Whether you are celebrating your own anniversary or looking to gift to a couple you know, Indian handcrafted artifacts area perfect choice.

The following sequence of steps shows the techniques that are involved in the making of a traditional Indian wooden hand crafted artifact:


Sourcing and transporting raw material. Most of the wood used are either Indian Rosewood (Sheesham) or Mango wood (Tree bearing Mango fruit).


The wood planks so obtained are numbered and dated and piled in a safe location not exposed to direct sunlight. Passage of air between the planks allows seasoning of the wood which may be a process taking 1-4 years.


The seasoned wood is then sent to the carpenter who carries out outlining on the log of wood using a template and cutting or chiselling the edges of the design.


Dismantled pieces are then carved at edges. The process includes inscribing (making motifs on wood), undercutting (creating 3 dimensional layers), open or lattice work (creating see-through jali work), deep carving (creating raised designs of up to 5 inch depth), semi carving (thin panel design along the rim with central motif) or shallow carving (motifs chased in pencil to give a little depth).


Making fine details using hand chisels.

Nailing and Assembling

Assembling all parts using nails (in case of large products, smaller pieces are joined together and then carved). Accurately made carpentry joineries; hinge joint, dove and tail joint are used.


Smoothing the surface, applying protective coating and finishing the product.

Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gift for the Bride and Groom

One of the most memorable days in our lives is when two people commit their love to one another through marriage. Wedding gifts are traditionally offered to the newlyweds as tokens of affection and love as well as a means to provide the new couple with starter home supplies.

In days of old, couples did not live together until they were married. After being wed, the two typically would start building their lives together, including moving into their own home and starting their own family. Wedding gifts allowed friends and family of the pair to provide the newlyweds with some much needed home supplies and gifts of good luck and fortune that hopefully the couple would carry with them for many years. In colonial times, traditional wedding gifts might include home made quilts, food and perhaps even furniture for the new home.

In contemporary times, more and more couples are marrying after having lived together for many years. While many wedding gifts still have a characteristic theme of supplying the new couple with home goods, a majority of couples already have much of the things they would need to supply a new home. Thus, wedding gifts have taken on a sentimental twist. Many wedding gifts today embody creative themes that take into consideration the personality and lifestyle of the couple being wed. Personalized wedding gifts are a popular selection among many guests. Some wedding gifts incorporate photos of the husband and wife in their single days.

Many wedding gifts are also created to offer luck to the bride and groom. In the past, many brides were considered vulnerable to evil wishes, thus customs and traditions of old were aimed at providing protection to the bride. Many gifts are crafted to bring luck and prosperity and to ward off evil.

Some of the most popular of wedding gifts include:

-untraditional items such as books and collectibles from exotic lands

-gift certificates

-house cleaning offers

Yet another unique idea is providing a gift that correlates with the month the wedding occurs in. There are several superstitions regarding the time of year a couple weds. For example, folklore suggests that when a couple marries in September, their love and life will be filled with riches. A great wedding gift to bring added luck to a September ceremony might include a token treasure chest or similar paraphernalia. Tradition also holds true that December brings true love that will last. Perhaps a gift engraved with “forever” will make help communicate this sentiment. Rest assured, if your wedding gift comes from the heart, it will be appreciated and held in high regard.