Heirloom Catholic Jewelry & Gifts – What’s Old is New Again!

Heirloom, Catholic jewelry is gaining in popularity all over the world. What is heirloom, Catholic jewelry? Simply, it is recycling antique religious medals and rosaries, combined with jewels, sterling silver, pearls, crystals, old rosaries, gold chain or a combination of all to create a fashion forward piece of jewelry with a much deeper meaning than basic adornment. Heirloom jewelry is designed to be worn comfortably with the little black dress or with jeans.

Religious medals have been a source of pride and grace since the beginning of time for Catholics. When researching the history of the medals, you will find each piece is unique and carries blessings specific to the religious persona depicted on the medal. Each creation of jewelry is handcrafted, custom made and is available in a wide range of styles and prices. The collections are also available for a variety of age groups and gender.

As a patron of religious art and spiritual gifts, I am truly impressed with the creativity of each piece and with the care and thought that goes into the design. As a mother and grandmother who has shopped for spiritual gifts for all ages, until now, I have found the gifts available to be lacking in creativity and quality. Whether you are searching for a baptism gift, First Holy Communion gift, graduation, birthdays or Christmas, you will be amazed by the selection.

The opportunity to dust off an old rosary that belonged to a great aunt, resurrect a holy medal worn by a grandfather and combine the inherited treasures with new, stylish mediums and create an heirloom that can be passed on for generations is an amazing opportunity.

Owning and wearing a necklace of red Borealis crystals given to my Mother by my Father in 1965 and enhanced with pearls, rosary crystals, sterling silver chain and an antique Miraculous Medal from Europe, elevates my spirit and my looks every time I wear it. The artist is truly answering the call of a Catholic ministry and passionately displays the calling in all her designs.

Being a Catholic convert, my recent exposure to the treasured antique Holy medals has given me a new perspective on Saints and their history and on the special blessings we receive by reading and studying their lives. It is never too late to learn more about our faith or to receive a special blessing and wonderful, warm memories by wearing and sharing heirloom jewelry and spiritual gifts. Melissa Woods is the artist and also is the Mother of my beautiful granddaughters.

Start Collecting – Vintage Kramer Costume Jewelry

Perhaps less well known than the more abundant Coro, Trifari or Napier costume jewelry, Kramer costume jewelry often used rare or unique stones in their jewelry. First, a brief history: Between 1943 and 1980, Kramer Jewelry Creations was a family run business that produced some of the finest high-end costume jewelry. In the 1950s and ’60s, Kramer manufactured Christian Dior designs, so finding a piece of Christian Dior by Kramer is a rare but rewarding treat. The Dior pieces often used good quality clear rhinestones with larger blue or green center stones. Christian Dior designs can command higher prices due to the Dior name, but the Kramer quality and designs are just as wonderful as those without the name.

Unfortunately for the collector, much Kramer jewelry from the ’50s and ’60s was unmarked and had only a paper tag attached to identify it. If you do see a signature, it will most likely be “Kramer”, “Kramer of N.Y.” or “Kramer of New York. Look for the signature on the clip of an earring, or on the clasp of a necklace or bracelet. Other marks include the rare “Amourelle” from 1963, and “Kramer Sterling” which may or may not date from the WWII years when sterling silver was used in jewelry in place of other metals that were needed for the war effort. Kramer jewelry is famous for its quality, and for the use of vibrantly colored rhinestones with creative settings. Radiant red and orange, striking dark blue, glowing topaz, and elegant black rhinestones, along with plastic decorations, gave Kramer jewelry great variety and style.

For the collector, I think a great place to look for vintage Kramer jewelry is at estate sales. If you haven’t tried it, this is a wonderful way to shop for vintage items of any kind. Check your newspaper and Craigslist for weekly listings of estate sales in your area, and sign up for the agent’s email mailing list for future sales. Often sales in older neighborhoods will have vintage costume jewelry for sale. Tip: On the last day of the estate sale items may be marked 50% off. The selection is best at the beginning of the sale, of course, but the best prices can be found towards the end.

As with any collectible costume jewelry, it’s important to be prepared: Bring a magnifying glass or jeweler’s loupe with you to check the condition of the piece. If you’re buying for your own collection, and not for investment purposes, you may be more flexible with condition flaws. If it’s for investment, it must be flawless. Do you like the piece? Will you wear it or display it or just store it away to be admired from time to time? If the piece is signed by the designer that increases its value. Is the original box or tag included? Again, increased value is there.

Whatever your reasons, and just the simple enjoyment of having beautiful vintage jewelry is more than enough, become educated, do research, ask questions, and you’ll soon be able to spot vintage Kramer, or other designer costume jewelry to add to your collection.

Couples Jewelry Sets Are Investments and More Than Just Gifts

Like a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, a set of jewelry is one of the most famous symbols of love that a man gives to a woman. But it is the longevity of jewelry in comparison to the other aforementioned signs of love that makes it different, and it is even used by married couples as a sign of their devotion and commitment to one another.

But aside from wedding rings, there are other couples jewelry sets that are available out there in the market, all of which are perfect gifts and symbols of love for both males and females.The appeal that comes with buying it is that their matching designs also serve as statements to the rest of the world that the wearers of the jewelry are happy together and that unlike many other people who are finding their partners in life, they have successfully found theirs.

Another selling point is that most jewelry stores that sell them are very much open to customization according to the taste of the couple who will be wearing them. The names of the partners, memorable dates, and even memorable sayings are the most common designs that are embedded in these sets, for it truly makes these jewelry sets one of a kind. Aside from the names of couples, matching color schemes and designs are also common trends when it comes to the personalization of it.

In the olden days, it was only those who hail from royalty and a selected few from the elite classes who were able to avail of couple jewelry sets, but, in thanks to the emergence of many jewelry companies and the development of many technological advances, it have now been made available even for people who are dwelling in the middle class. Several jewelry companies are now even attempting to make their products accessible to a wider set of audience, thus proving that almost any couple nowadays can purchase sets as a sign of their love for each other.

There are several things to be considered when buying these sets, foremost of which is the kind of jewelry that the couple will choose to purchase as a token of their love to each other. Aside from rings, necklaces, pendants, charms, and bracelets can also be used by couples as couples jewelry sets. Another decision that couples need to make when it comes to the selection is the material or metal which will comprise their jewelry sets.

Palladium, platinum, bronze, and sterling silver are other options aside from the time-honored gold material, and there are even plenty of choices when it comes to gold jewelry sets, there are 14k, 18k, 22k, and gold-plated jewelry sets out there for couples to choose from. And finally, as embellishments and finishing touches to couples jewelry sets, diamonds and other birthstones can be added to these sets. Furthermore, they may also be personalized, which is what most couples do by choosing their own birthstones to add to their sets.

Once a couple decides on giving themselves couple jewelry sets, they are not only giving the perfect gift to each other, because these sets are never just gifts. They are also investments and additions to collections of jewels, and, above all, a token and symbol of everlasting love by the partners to each other.