A Glimpse of Jewelry That Will Glitz Life This Festive and Holiday Season

Jewelry design ideas may be elegant and simple such that keeping to minimal appears chic. The jewelry designs present a distinct style than merely hanging as a pendant or a charm. Now being a Christmas gift and holiday season, the jewelry iconic pieces can be unique gifts than gifting a watch or some engraved pendant. Regardless of whether one loves hair jewels or stacked rings, there are some best baubles, stones and beads that will certainly glitz life this Christmas.

Birthstone Jewelry

These are special and personalized jewelry as everyone’s birthstone is different. Gifting birthstone jewelry offers more meaning especially in the festive and holiday seasons. There are endless choices and this includes right from bracelets to rings, necklaces to earrings. If you can afford and it is a very special person, you can gift this in combination.

Bar Necklaces

This is a style that is latest and raging that it will be soon seen everywhere. This can be worn alone or also in association with shorter and longer necklaces or even with your layered style of necklaces or chains. A bar necklace gifted to your loved one is sure to ensure the festival is very special. This trendy jewelry piece can be personalized and if you personalize, it becomes absolutely perfect. It can be engraved also with meaningful phrases, initial or their pet names.

Y Necklaces

Y necklaces certainly are fashion statements but in a subtle style. These necklaces highlight the feminine look and make a lovable gift as it adds elegance to any stylish woman. The added advantage is that it can be worn with other layered necklaces or alone, however it will show its presence and mark its place.

Cocktail Rings

These are definitely a sophisticated addition offering a cool bling to your look. It suits all the outfits and the cocktail rings now are available in different metals, styles and looks. They have been for years, but now young women can wear it even with their most comfortable jeans and t-shirt and also their other fancy dresses. You will not go wrong on wearing it any of these outfits.

Layering Necklaces

The layering styles in earrings, hand rings to necklaces are going really strong. It is fun to wear one and create different looks. The layering necklace can be one or several chains, the choice is entirely yours. It is sure to complement your looks and style.

Braid and beard cuffs

Cuffs are adapted into hair accessories and have received a strong following. The braid cuffs are also around for decades. It offers a variation expressing a sophisticated style in eccentric ways. These jewelry pieces cater to anyone and you can appear outstanding even in a crowd.

Cuffs are worn in different ways making it diverse jewelry pieces. Right from ear to arm cuffs, it is observed that even celebrities love wearing it even on the red carpet. This is a simple sleek piece of jewelry that highlights the entire ensemble pop. Even if the cuffs are chunky they make statement pieces.

Gifting Valuable Assets This Holiday Season

It’s the gift giving time of year! Although anyone can write a check to their loved ones or favorite charity, you may want to consider a gift of appreciated securities or other assets such as art, property or collectibles. These gifts may be meaningful to the receiver as well as provide you with tax and estate benefits. When making a gift of securities or other assets, however, there are important tax rules to understand so you can decide if such a gift makes sense for both the receiver and for you personally.

The first important concept is to know the cost basis of the gift. What was the initial amount you paid for the asset? Is that amount adjusted at all for any other improvements overtime, such as upgrades to property? The second important concept is fair/market value of the gift. This is how much the gift is worth today. The difference between the cost basis and the fair market value is the capital gain or appreciation. Each of these concepts is treated differently for tax purposes depending on the kind of gift you are making.

If you are considering a gift to a favorite qualified charity, it can be advantageous to consider highly appreciated securities or property that you have owned for at least a year. Such a gift qualifies for an immediate tax deduction in the year it is made for the full market value of that gift. Additionally, since a qualified charity is a tax-exempt organization, they will liquidate the gift tax-free. That is, you do not have to pay any taxes on the capital gain in the gift. This is a great way to avoid capital gains taxes, make a charitable tax deduction and reduce your estate if that is part of your goal. Most importantly of all, you are supporting a cause that is important to you and our society.

If you are considering gifts to your children or other individuals, it is important to understand that cost basis and market value are treated differently. For these gifts, the cost basis follows the gift, not the market value. For you, the value of your gift is the cost basis and may need to be reported to the IRS if the value exceeds the annual tax-exemption amount of $14,000 per individual ($28,000 per couple). For the receiver, they enjoy the full market value of the gift, but they also usually receive your cost basis (if the market value is less than your original cost basis, consult with your accountant for a more detailed analysis of the gifts’ tax cost basis). This means you may have given your child a wonderful gift, but also potentially a future capital gains tax bill when they sell the asset. This is particularly true when gifting property such as a house. This is not all bad, though, and there is a beneficial tax strategy here to consider. Current IRS rules do not charge any capital gains taxes to individuals whose income falls below the 25% tax bracket. This offers you a unique opportunity to give highly appreciated gifts to someone in a lower tax bracket. If this fits your circumstances, you will make a wonderful gift to someone, reduce your estate, and also eliminate an unrealized capital gain tax.

The holidays are all about gift giving and sharing. Take a little extra time this year to consider if a non-cash gift makes sense for you and your loved ones. Because the tax treatment can be complicated, be sure to talk with your accountant before making a final gift decision. Often the gift of your own items is one of the most meaningful gifts of all.