The Significance of Silver Crosses

Silver crosses worn as a necklace or as a cross ring can be a very treasured possession, often with personal significance to the wearer. It can represent a person’s beliefs and affirmations and can be with them at all times. In fact, many who possess men silver cross necklace never remove it, believing it should be worn at all times without fail.

Pure silver, also referred to as fine silver, is soft, delicate and therefore it can be easily damaged. This is why silver is usually combined with copper which has proven to be the best component to produce a more substantial and hard-wearing type of material known as sterling silver. Sterling silver consists of 90% pure silver. It possesses the purity and high quality of silver together with a resistance to damage. Therefore, sterling silver is believed to be the most appropriate type of silver for any item of jewellery whether crosses, necklaces, bracelets or rings.

These are produced in countless designs and there is an abundant choice in finding silver crosses that are both suitable and the most appropriate for you. From traditional styles to a more modern and trendy designer type, a huge selection can be found. Many designs incorporate effects like filigree, and different styles of crosses are available to suit individual tastes.

Some styles are original and timeless, but can still be worn appropriately for any occasion. Whether you want a larger crucifix or tiny crosses on a box, curb, rope or snake chain they are available in various lengths to suit and any men silver cross necklace is available to purchase.

Many men look for a crucifix pendant that can be worn as a trendy accessory which lets them still wear their personal treasured necklace while matching their style.

Whether silver crosses are produced in solid silver or sterling silver, there are numerous designs available online.

Silver crosses make excellent gifts and trying to find the most appropriate style for the person you are buying the present for can be difficult. Take into consideration the size of the person, as a small cross on a large man will look rather out of place. The person’s style of dress will also influence your choice of design.

When buying either men silver cross necklace or a cross ring, ensure you also get a professional silver polish at the same time so that the products can be cleaned regularly. This is to ensure that your jewelry always has a bright and sparkling appearance. However, the best way to prevent tarnish from accumulating on your silver crosses, men silver cross necklace or cross ring is to continually wear it.

In addition, care should be taken to avoid any type of household chemicals when carrying out any cleaning. Of course, it is advisable to remove any silver jewelry before handling these substances. Similarly, remove any silver necklaces when swimming in chlorinated water as this can cause a certain amount of damage, too.

Another option to consider is to create your own custom design by selecting silver crosses, choosing men silver cross necklace and combining these items together complimenting the style with a suitable matching cross ring to give an individual feel to the overall appearance chosen.

What Makes Men’s Sterling Silver Spinner Rings So Popular?

If you are looking for the varied reasons that make the range of men’s silver spinner rings so popular, there are aplenty. You should consider accessorizing yourself with these jewels for winning over more female fans. They are skillfully crafted by hand and each piece is distinctive in its own way.

Furthermore, they are considered to be more than just jewelry. Well, if you are seated at a meeting and feeling restless, you should try spinning the rings, they will have a positive effect on your mind and body and can help in driving away the blues. They are also effective for turning bad luck into good luck for the person adorning the accessories.

Let us learn the reasons for the rising popularity of men’s sterling silver spinner rings.


Sterling silver spinner rings are highly distinctive because the inner bands of the rings are rotatable. There are wide plain varieties where the middle band is movable independently.

You can also avail Celtic twist ones in this category.

Meditation Purposes

Spinning rings are also used for meditation purposes. They are known to reduce the stress levels of the person adorning these jewels. All they need to do for exploiting these qualities of the rings is to fiddle with the spinner. These jewels are believed to have been derived from primeval Tibetan conventions and can help in maintaining the body in a calm and composed condition.

Ideal Gifts

If you want to give your male friends something that they can remember you by, nothing can be more perfect than these spinner rings. These jewels are packed in organza pouches for attractive packing.

The reason for which these accessories make for great gifts that they can have engravings. You can consider adding a loving message or his favorite quote or a note-worthy phrase or memorable dates for making these gifts even more special. We will also let you in on a secret that men are emotionally attached to their accessories – many times more than their female counterparts – and he will surely love to receive such gifts. Moreover, they will be treasured by him for many years to come.

Natural Appeal

A distinctive aspect of spinner rings also lies in the fact that they are handmade due to which there could be variations in the lettering; they impart a natural appearance. They do not appear like the machine-based jewelry. However, it is important to note that this is not a defect, it only gives them a distinguished look.

Insert Birthstones

The appeal of spinner rings is also owed to the fact that your birthstone can be mounted on the individual pieces. Additionally, you can also opt for letters or names that are hand-stamped on the lower font. One ring carries the birthstones and another one can display lettering.

If you are considering gifting these items, you can also insert birthstones of the person for making them truly exceptional.


We are sure that now you are convinced that these jewels are indeed innovative. Get yourself a few of these jewels for wearing at different occasions. These jewels are suitable for casual or formal attire. Happy Shopping!

Silver Jewelry Care – How to Clean Tarnish

I love silver jewelry! From chains, to charms, to gorgeous Native American pieces, Sterling Silver makes the most elegant jewelry. If you’ve had problems with rashes from white gold, toss that gold/nickel piece and go for the luster and glow of silver!

Ugly black or gray tarnish is the enemy of the beauty of silver. What is tarnish? Simply put, it’s caused by the surface of the silver reacting with sulphurous fumes. Where does that sulphur come from? Somewhere in the environment, and I don’t like to think that it’s in the air, but it must be. Tarnish can also form on silver that’s been stored with rubber bands (why?), felt or wool.

The best way to keep your silver jewelry from tarnishing is to wear it frequently. Now that’s advice that’s easy to take! Frequent contact with your skin will help to retard tarnish formation. Clean the jewelry with a soft cloth after each wearing.

The next best way to stop tarnish from forming is proper storage. If you’re a collector, and you can’t wear all of your silver jewelry frequently, store it in individual zip-lock bags with an anti-tarnish strip. They’re inexpensive and available online through jewelry supplycompanies, and at fine jewelry stores. The strips are safe and non-toxic, and last about 6 months.

OK, you’ve got a beautiful piece of silver jewelry that’s been in a box somewhere, or you just bought it at an estate sale, and it’s black with tarnish. What to do?

An easy and eco-friendly way to clean silver is with soap and water, followed by a baking soda treatment.

First, wash the piece with soap and water to remove surface dirt, dust, oils, perfume or hair spray. (be sure to put the plug in the sink first!)

Next, line a pot with heavy duty aluminum foil, or use a disposable aluminum pie pan. Put the piece of jewelry in the pan, and cover it completely with baking soda. The piece should be in direct contact with the aluminum. Carefully pour boiling water over the baking soda so the piece of jewelry is covered. This is also an interesting science experiment, since you are creating a chemical reaction. The kids might want to watch.

Before long you’ll see tiny yellow or black flakes in the water, and the aluminum foil will be turning black. The sulphur in the tarnish likes aluminum better than it likes silver, so it’s attracted away from the silver and turns the aluminum black.

After a few minutes, lift the piece out of the water with tongs or a fork, and see how it’s doing. It shouldn’t be long before your silver jewelry is sparkling and tarnish-free. Once it’s clean, rinse it in clean water to remove all traces of the baking soda and dry it with a soft cloth. Rubbing with the cloth may remove any stubborn dark spots that remain. If the piece is severely tarnished, you may have to repeat the procedure.

I’ve seen baking soda paste used to clean silver, but this is not recommended for your fine jewelry pieces. The paste is an abrasive, and will leave tiny scratches on the surface of the silver. Not a good idea. Also, baking soda paste will be very difficult to get out from the settings around pearls or stones.

Toothpaste should never be used to clean silver. Some toothpastes contain baking soda or other ingredients that are much too abrasive and will scratch the piece.

A very easy way to clean slightly tarnished pieces is with a silver polishing cloth, available at jewelry stores and on line. I’ve used one for years, and it takes tarnish off with a little elbow grease. Chains are particularly easy to clean with the cloth – just wrap the chain in the cloth and run it up and down the chain. Black streaks appear on the cloth as the tarnish comes off the chain.

Once your silver jewelry is tarnish-free, wear it often, store it properly, and you’ll see very little tarnish adding its ugly color to your beautiful silver.