Unique Gifts for All Types of Men

First and foremost, forget about giving gifts that are over-sentimental. Men are less likely to feel happy about presents that were done to death. They prefer simpler ideas, yet they want it to be something worthwhile on their daily endeavors. For the reason that a large sum of the male population are engaged in physically and mentally demanding activities, be it in relation to sports or that their occupation really requires them to exert enormous effort, your gift has to do something about what’s keeping them busy but you should not take this too literal. For the typical athletic type, things that are related to physical games are brilliant options. You can give them tickets to shows where they can meet their favorite sports personalities or send them adorable sport collectible items they can add up to their compilation.

In case the person you will be giving the gift to is a part of the corporate world, you may consider looking for items they can use in their workplace. A well designed business card holder is an excellent choice of unique gifts for men for it is both functional and decorative. This has the ability to give an impression that the executive who uses it is organized and systematic even in the most nominal entities. If the need arises for you to purchase unique gifts for your doctor friend or a male dentist who invited you for his birthday, your present does not necessarily have to be a stethoscope or anything he uses in executing his profession. He absolutely has one. What can make him grateful for is to have an item that promotes relaxation after a day full of stress and tension. A pair of comforting bedtime socks will do or a soothing treat to a massage service can surely make busy men jump for joy.

These are only a few ideas you can employ to make your hunt for unique gifts for men less grueling. Do your homework and be sure you have a handful of references to use in case you run out of ideas relative to unique gifts for men. Take advantage of your access to the web to carry this out or seek help from your imaginative and creative friends.

How to Identify Rhinestones – Types, Cuts and Backs

Vintage and contemporary costume jewelry is often accented with or covered in rhinestones. The stones can be glass, crystal or acrylic plastic. Vintage rhinestones were produced in Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, Japan and Germany.

Types of Rhinestones

* Cabochon stones have flat backs and smooth, rounded tops with no facets. They may be any color, including black, and may have the depth and color variations of opals

* Faceted stones are cut or molded, and have multiple flat surfaces that reflect light. Probably the most common type of rhinestone.

* Opaque stones are not transparent or foil backed, and are often made to simulate turquoise, coral, jade and onyx. They look more like rocks than gems.

* Cameo stones have a design raised on the top surface.

Rhinestone Cuts

* Machine Cut rhinestones are the most brilliant. Made of glass crystal, they are cut and polished so that the edges are sharp and crisp, making them sparkle. Swarovski rhinestones, produced in Austria, are the most valuable and prized. Think of how a cut diamond looks.

* Table Polished stones have just the top facet, or “table” of the rhinestone polished. They won’t have the sparkle of machine cut rhinestones.

* Fire Polished rhinestones are molded glass stones that are polished using heat, vibration or a combination of both. They are often brightly colored, but do not sparkle like the machine cut nor do they have the sharp finished edges.


* Flat Back rhinestones have a flat even underside, and are often applied with adhesive to other materials such as fabric, crafts and nails. You may see them used in inexpensive costume jewelry.

* Faceted Backs are pointy with faceted undersides are also used in crafts and clothing

* Foiled Backs have underside of the rhinestone coated with a metallic foil, similar to that used on mirrors, which causes light to be reflected back and giving the stone sparkle. Foil backed rhinestones are probably the most common type

* Unfoiled Backs have no foil on the bottom of the stone, allowing light to pass through it, giving it a precious gem appearance.

* Domed backs are rounded on the underside, not faceted or flat.

A popular finish for vintage rhinestones is Aurora Borealis. Introduced in 1955, it’s a thin metallic finish applied to the top of the stone that gives it an iridescent glow and color changes when moved around in the light.

It’s all a matter of taste, and there are so many variations of size, shape and color or stones, to say nothing of styles of jewelry, that every bracelet, necklace, pin or pair of earrings you collect will have unique features and sparkling appeal.